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Like many, Mateen had to search for his destiny before he landed upon it. Born in Bangalore, India, his ambitions were building up without limit even as a kid at four years of age. He would torture his siblings by showcasing his talents in singing, acting and many of his other antics. Little did he know that his imitations and reenactments of his acting clips would serve as practice and training for his impact on the destiny he so vehemently sought after. Nothing served as discouragement, negative or positive, everything was a motivating factor. An amazing quality he still possesses. His destiny wouldn’t come to him so easy. Over the years, he would have to leave India and travel westwards spending time in the Middle East and eventually landing in Florida, United States with his older brother. This is where his destiny started to take form and he realized what it was. He studied business in college and a mind full of motivation would lead him through different small business ventures. All this, until he finally decided to pursue his two loves and amazing talents, entertainment and business, simultaneously by combining them into one. He started to distribute Bollywood movies in the Hollywood market. This was a turning point in his life. He dealt with the movie industry first hand and realized what he needed to do to satisfy his hunger for accomplishment. He realized he had to start from the grass roots, from the bottom up and completely immerse his soul into his passion. He left United States and went away from his business, his friends, his family to go back to India. He trained under Anupam Kher, another personality he idolized growing up. This is where his life took a turn and went diving into auditions, singing, advertisements, movies and modeling.


Personal Motto: The best way to judge your capability is to dive in head first and swim as far as you can!


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